GMN 23443 X
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GMN 23443 X

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GMN 23443 X
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Ürün Açıklama
Number and type of burners 3 Gas + 1 Ceran (glass Plate)
Cooking levels per zone 9
Front left Ø140-1200 W
Rear left 2,9kw
Front right 1kw
Rear right 2kw
Centre No
Rear center *** Ceran ocak gözü için, Enerji regülatörü kullanılacaktır.
Child lock No
Anti-over flow No
Automatic stop system No
Overheat safety No
Flame failure gas cut-out device Yes
Individual residual heat indicators Yes
Niche dimensions (HxWxD), mm 560x490
Height (unpacked), cm 9,8
Width (unpacked), cm 59
Depth (unpacked), cm 52,2
Height (packed), cm 17
Width (packed), cm 67
Depth (packed), cm 61,5
Weight (unpacked), kg 11,5
Weight (packed), kg 13,5
Frame type and color No Frame
Type Glass-gas Hob
Width, cm 60 Cm.
Colour Black
Control type Knob Control (front)
Glass inlay No
Digital display No
Timer No
On / off indicator No
Booster, fast to-the-degree heating No
Burner caps Cast Iron
Pan support Cast Iron