Compact Range and Microwave Ovens
    • Electronic controls

      Blomberg compact ovens have touch-sensitive or knob-controlled electronic controls, in line with our full-sized ovens. For improved cooking performance, the oven allows sensitive temperature adjustment in 5°C increments. Booster function saves time for 35% quicker pre-heating in comparison to standard functions.

    • Multifunction oven with microwave

      BKE 9270 X is a combi product that you can use both like a standard oven and as a microwave oven. Its intelligent auto programmes are ideal for preparing more complicated dishes and can help you determine the ideal cooking time, power level, temperature and heating method suitable for your dish, based on the type and the weight of what you want to cook. Defrosting by weight is also a very useful function and our smart defrost program allows you to defrost up to 500 gr of food six times faster. After you enter the weight of the food, your microwave oven automatically calculates the ideal defrost time.

    • Easy to clean

      For quick and easy cleaning, Blomberg compact range has fingerprint free stainless steel exteriors; glass inner doors; self-cleaning Pyro Clean option; Easy Clean grey enamel with catalytic back wall or stainless steel cavities.

    • Multiple functions

      By maintaining a standard saturation temperature and sustaining optimum humidity, the steam inside the oven cavity will cook dishes to much higher quality than more aggressive methods, such as pressure-cooking. In addition to steam cooking, model BKD 9590 X offers extra functions, with maximum temperatures of 230°C, so you can cook tender meat dishes, bake dough or bread, defrost food, and more.

    • Electronic controls

      Blomberg steam ovens feature easy-to-use touch sensitive controls. An automatic buzzer will inform you when your dish is ready. BKD 9590 X has a stored list of dishes that allows a quick setting of the oven based on the item selected for optimum cooking conditions. Furthermore, you have the option of adding your own recipes or personalizing the existing recipes.

    • Easy to clean

      Blomberg steam ovens have fingerprint free stainless steel exteriors and stainless steel smooth cavities for easy cleaning. Furthermore, since you don't need any oils or fats for steam cooking, no extra effort is required for wiping the smooth interior.

    • Energy efficient

      Blomberg steam ovens cook dishes at a temperature ranging from 40 to 100°C. Since food is cooked at lower temperatures, steam cooking is more energy efficient compared to conventional ovens.

    • Large capacity

      Blomberg steam ovens feature an optional 2-level steam cooking system that enables you to cook various types of dishes simultaneously without mixing their aromas.

    • Removable water reservoir

      Our steam ovens contain a removable water reservoir, so you won't need to connect it to any other water source. Just plug the oven into an electrical connection and it is ready to use. Your oven will inform you when it is time for a water refill.

    • Safe

      Blomberg steam ovens have a key lock to prevent children from changing the cooking settings. Steam reduction function eliminates excess steam generation within the oven cavity at the end of the cooking cycle to avoid burns while opening the door.

    • Microwave cooking

      For quick and easy heating and defrosting, Blomberg range also includes microwave ovens, which can be used as free standing products, or installed within a column by means of an additional frame. The new Blomberg microwave range comes with easy-to-use features, and easy-to-clean stainless steel cavities and fingerprint free stainless steel exterior (except model MEE 1030 X). Model MEE 4150 X features convection heating in addition to microwave functions.