Coffee Machine
    • Coffee or tea?

      Blomberg coffee machine has two water heaters, one for water and the other for coffee. As a result, you can boil water for tea or use the steam for cappuccino and prepare espresso. The boiling water can also be used to preheat cups.

    • Convenient capacity

      Blomberg coffee machine has a 2,5 litre removable water reservoir and a 0,35 kg coffee container, so that you and your friends can all enjoy a cup of fresh coffee in your kitchen.

    • Practical controls

      You can programme your coffee machine settings according to your preferences. If you prefer to use a cup that has a smaller volume than the dosage programmed, you can easily interrupt coffee dispensing to determine your preferred dose. Also, the grinding level can easily be set choosing a coarser or finer grind depending on user preference.

    • Bean grinding option

      Your Blomberg coffee machine allows you to grind the beans quickly whenever you want to. The freshly ground beans provide not only a fresher taste but also a stronger aroma.

    • Smart details

      The machine will inform you when you need to de-scale for better performance, and it has an automatic switch-off function for energy saving.