• Minimum energy consumption

      All Blomberg electric cookers have “A” energy efficiency, saving you money on electric bills.

    • Programmable electronic timer

      Blomberg cookers feature electronic timers that show the time of day and allow you to pre-set the start time, duration or end of cooking. When the set cooking time ends, the oven switches itself off automatically, and warns you with an audio signal.

    • Extendable cooking zone

      Blomberg cookers feature a wide array of ceramic glass cook top options, including extendable elements to accommodate big items like large saucepans.

    • Practical controls

      You can programme your coffee machine settings according to your preferences. If you prefer to use a cup that has a smaller volume than the dosage programmed, you can easily interrupt coffee dispensing to determine your preferred dose. Also, the grinding level can easily be set choosing a coarser or finer grind depending on user preference.

    • 3D cooking

      3D cooking is an advanced convection system that uses an additional heating element, which surrounds the cooking fan located at the back of the oven, for a three-dimensional cooking effect. Through constant air circulation, food is cooked more uniformly throughout. Furthermore, it is possible to cook three different dishes at the same time without mixing their flavours or aromas.

    • Telescopic shelf systems

      Blomberg ovens have been carefully designed with ergonomic features for increased safety. The telescopic shelf systems, with extending arms, provide safer and easier access to the cooking tray, and an integrated stop mechanism guarantees your safety.

    • Easy-glide storage drawer

      The robustly designed storage drawer is ideal for the storage of oven accessories. Furthermore, with its side rollers and easy-glide mechanism it is easy to use.

    • Electronic ignition integrated into the knob

      I Igniting Blomberg gas burners is much quicker and easier with the integrated knob ignition system. Simply press and turn the dial for instant auto ignition and you are ready to cook.

    • Easy Clean grey enamel

      Top-of-the-range Blomberg oven cavities are coated with exclusive, long lasting, non-porous enamel, which is attractive and makes cleaning extremely easy – a damp cloth is all you need! Blomberg also coats the baking trays with Easy Clean grey enamel, to help to keep your oven looking new and clean.

    • Side racks and tilting grill

      Blomberg ovens feature side racks and a tilting grill; both designed to make cleaning easy and effortless. They are also supported by easily removable wire racks that, together with the tilting grill, allow easy access to the cavity ceiling and the oven sidewalls.

    • Catalytic panels

      Catalytic panels have been mounted on the back or sides of your Blomberg oven cavity to absorb cooking grease and reduce food odours, ending the need for aggressive cleaning materials and harsh chemicals.

    • Glass inner surface

      A full glass inner surface of the oven door is a special feature in top-of-the-range Blomberg cooking appliances. The oven doors feature three layers of glass to minimise the exterior temperature of the oven while also reducing heat loss. These layers, incorporated in a single sheet of glass, allow easy cleaning and can be safely used to place plates and dishes on. The oven door can also be easily removed for a quick reach to the oven cavity.

    • Residual heat indicators

      Residual heat indicators on the ceramic glass cook top warn you if the cooking zone is not cool enough to touch safely.

    • Flame failure safety device

      Flame failure safety device Blomberg gas cooking burners are equipped with a flame failure safety device. If flame accidentally extinguishes, the flame safety device will cut the gas supply automatically preventing any leakage of gas.