All Blomberg products are designed with the same philosophy a marriage of modern technology and style,making Blomberg refrigerators the intelligent solution for your kitchen

    • Harmless components

      All Blomberg refrigerators are manufactured with components that are 80% recyclable, and are 100% free from ozone-damaging gases.

    • Eco function

      Certain electronic refrigerators are equipped with a special eco function that is designed to minimize energy consumption. When the refrigerator doors remain closed for 6 consecutive hours, and the electronic settings are left unaltered, the refrigerator automatically goes to energy saving mode. In this mode the temperature of the freezer compartment is preserved at -18°C regardless of the temperature settings programmed earlier.

    • Minimum energy consumption

      Blomberg refrigerator range features models with A++ and A+ energy efficiency, saving you money and saving the world. An A++ refrigerator consumes 50% less energy, while an A+ refrigerator consumes up to 25% less energy than an “A” class model.

    • Flexi zone

      Available with Blomberg four-door side-by-side refrigerators, is the flexi zone. For maximum flexibility, you can set the temperature of the flexi zone from - 24°C to +10°C. You can use this 77-litre compartment as a freezer, super fresh zone or a fresh food compartment depending on your storage needs.

    • Duo-cycle no frost technology

      Featured in certain Blomberg fridge freezers, is an advanced duo-cycle no frost technology. The duo-cycle air circulation prevents odour blending between the freezer and fresh food compartments. It leads to a more homogenous air distribution for better preservation of foodstuff. It also leads to up to 50% energy preservation in comparison to “A” class refrigerators. Furthermore, noise level is reduced to as low as 40 dBA for a peaceful environment in your kitchen.

    • Custom cool

      Blomberg introduces a special compartment for maximum flexibility. The custom cool unit can be adjusted to four different cooling temperatures by means of its additional isolation system. You can set the temperature to -7°C, -1°C, +1°C or +4°C depending on different food and beverage types.

    • No frost cooling

      No frost technology is a multi-directional air flow system featured in certain Blomberg fridge freezers and upright freezers. The system provides more stable and even temperature distribution in each compartment, allowing food to be stored anywhere in the refrigerator, and keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. No frost cooling creates a permanently cold and dry environment, eliminating build-up of ice and bacteria in the freezer, and avoids unpleasant fridge odours. You will find food packs don’t stick together. Best of all, you won’t need to defrost your freezer any more.

    • 4-star freezing

      All Blomberg freezers have 4-star rating for an efficient freezing performance because only a 4-star freezer is intended to be used for freezing fresh food. 4-star freezers can freeze and store food at a minimum temperature of -18°C, and for up to 12 months.

    • Electronic controls

      The electronic controls featured in certain Blomberg models allow accurate temperature settings. The quick cool and fast freeze functions enable you to boost and restore the temperature level of the fridge or the freezer quickly after placing large amounts of fresh food inside. Furthermore, all electronic models have an integrated alarm system that will warn you if the door of the refrigerator is accidentally left ajar.

    • Biocare cooling

      Biocare cooling system (BIOCC) is a new cooling technology featured in Blomberg side-by-side refrigerators. This is a concealed cool air circulation system designed to provide an efficient, evenly distributed air circulation inside the refrigerator. As a result, your food will stay fresher for longer. Furthermore, the concealed system gives your fridge interior a smooth, attractive appearance and allows full-length internal illumination for more efficient lighting.

    • Double compressor

      Blomberg cooling range includes double-compressor fridge freezer models to help you save energy when you are on vacation. The double compressor allows you to switch off the fresh food compartment while the freezer remains running.

    • 0-3°C super fresh zone

      The super fresh zone that is featured in certain Blomberg cooling appliances, maintains the temperature of the compartment just above freezing point and keeps humidity at an optimum level, ensuring that fruit, vegetables, fish and meat retain their vitamin and nutritional values, subtle flavours and a fresh, attractive appearance for twice as long compared to a regular refrigerator.

    • Blue zone

      Blomberg's exclusive blue light technology allows fruit and vegetables to continue photosynthesis while in the fridge. The blue zone is a special crisper illuminated with blue light, which is essential for healthy plant development. Through a constant supply of blue light rays, your Blomberg refrigerator will increase the vitamin value of fruit and vegetables so you can have them fresher and juicier for longer.

    • Fresh freeze zone

      Blomberg developed an advanced freezing technology that freezes food at such an optimum rate that its cell structure does not deteriorate, and the nutrition value and flavours are preserved. As a consequence, when you defrost a piece of meat that has been frozen in the fresh freeze zone, it does not release its juice, and you can enjoy a fresher, tastier and healthier meal.

    • Glass shelves

      The shelves within the Blomberg cooling range are made of safety glass, and are highly impact resistant. They help to prevent food and beverages spilling onto lower shelves, making cleaning easier. And, they can easily be placed on different levels to allow you maximum flexibility. For an even sleeker look inside your fridge, Blomberg introduces the optional glass door racks.

    • Twist and serve ice tray

      With Blomberg's twist and serve ice cube tray, your ice will be ready in three simple steps: easy water fill, a simple twist and all you have to do is to slide the tray to take the ice out.

    • Maximum space

      Flexi rack, a flexible suspended chrome bottle holder featured in certain refrigerators, is a practical accessory. It is located just below the glass shelves. It provides extra storage space for up to 3 bottles, and can easily be folded back to 1 piece when not needed. Furthermore, Blomberg also offers an optional soft opening storage box that can be placed below the door racks to create additional storage space.

    • Transparent and telescopic drawers

      The front of the crisper and freezer drawers in Blomberg refrigerators are transparent, so that you can see the contents clearly without opening the drawers saving time and minimizing energy loss. Telescopic drawers featured in certain models provide easier access to the refrigerator contents.

    • Water and ice dispensers

      The integrated water and ice dispensers available with certain models allow you to obtain filtered chilled water or ice without having to open the door of your refrigerator (The dispenser is available with certain SBS models, and is optional with certain other models). The latch on the dispenser is extra sensitive to allow operation with even the lightest touch. In certain side-by-side models the water reservoir is connected to the tap water. In other models, it is easily removable for manual filling and cleaning.

    • Mini bar

      The mini bar found on certain Blomberg side-by-side refrigerators allows you to reach beverages without having to open the fridge door, so you can serve drinks and cocktails without any loss of temperature. The open lid further serves as a small home bar of your own.

    • Maximum freezing space

      Blomberg freezers feature special compartments offering a variety of storage solutions. You can enjoy easy access to small packages in your freezer by means of the practical door pockets featured in Blomberg’s seven-drawer upright freezers. Blomberg freezers have a useful basket-in-basket, which is a thin tray for freezing soft fruits such as berries. Blomberg also offers a big drawer for the storage of extra large items. With an exceptionally large volume, it is a practical storage solution for large families. And if the big drawer is not enough, you can remove the middle shelf between two drawers to create a flexi-box that will help you to store extra large items.

    • Hygiene+ antibacterial carbon filter

      Hygiene+ antibacterial carbon filter Present in some fridges, is the photo catalyst carbon filter, which eliminates bacteria potentially present in the refrigerator, working in conjunction with the air-cooling systems of the no frost or static models (with built-in fans). This ensures permanently high levels of hygiene, protection from bacteria build-up, and reduced fridge odour. The carbon filter can be reactivated easily, with just one day’s exposure to sunlight.

    • hygAIR ionizing technology

      The exceptional hygAIR technology, inherent in select Blomberg refrigerators, is developed to bring the freshness of the pine forests to your kitchen. The hygAIR technology eliminates air borne bacteria and odour forming molecules, by producing natural negative ions inside the cabinet. These ions capture microorganisms, and transfer them out of the refrigerator via the defrost process. As a result, your food stays fresher for longer, and you can smell nature in your fridge.

    • Antibacterial door gaskets

      The refrigerator door gaskets provide an ideal environment for bacteria formation creating a health hazard for you and your family. For maximum hygiene inside your refrigerator, Blomberg coated the refrigerator door gaskets with an antibacterial seal that eliminates bacteria.

    • hygION silver coating

      Blomberg refrigerators are equipped with a special coating on the interior walls, providing protection against bacteria, microorganisms and algae growth, and offering the safest possible storage environment for your food. By means of its natural antibacterial activity, this silver coating ensures maximum protection throughout the life of the refrigerator.

    • Antibacterial door handles

      For hygiene outside your refrigerator, the handles of all Blomberg refrigerators are covered by an antibacterial seal, so bacteria will not remain on your refrigerator’s handles for a healthy touch.

    • smartFIX hinge system

      Certain Blomberg built-in refrigerators feature a special hinge system to connect the furniture door to the refrigerator door without the need for extra drilling. This system can hold up to 60 kilos and provides easy access to the fridge with a 115° door opening.

    • Fully integrated or clad inox door option

      You can install your Blomberg refrigerator fully integrated with your kitchen furniture. Or for a complete stainless steel look in your kitchen, Blomberg offers a special clad inox door kit. Instead of your cabinet furniture, the doors of your refrigerator are installed with the exclusive stainless steel doors. The kit is available with 2 larder-freezer options: a side-by-side combination with models SSE 1350 i and FNT 1580 i, and a drawer type option with RST 1105 i and RNT 1105 i.