• Maximum energy efficiency

      All Blomberg dishwashers have "A" ratings for energy consumption, washing performance and drying level. Furthermore, GSN 9585 XB and GIN 9585 XB will wash 15 place settings using 10% less energy than "A" rated machines.

    • Minimum water consumption

      Blomberg features the world's least water consuming dishwasher. Only with 7-litre water consumption, Blomberg dishwashers GSN 9582 XB7, GSN 9582 A7 and GIN 9582 XB7 will clean 12 place settings with "A" washing and drying performance.

    • smarTouch™ dishwasher

      SmarTouch™ dishwasher is an innovation that reduces dishwashing to a single touch. By means of 11 different sensors, smarTouch™ applies the best available wash programme. Dirt sensor analyzes the dirt level of dishes. Based on the soil level, it applies the most suitable option from 5 different wash programmes. Load sensor measures the amount of dishes and optimizes the amount of water intake, with average 10-litre consumption. Water hardness sensor determines the water hardness level for automatic regeneration. And, with 42 dBA noise level and its elegant slim touch control panel, smarTouch™ brings peace and elegance to the kitchen.

    • Brushless DC™ motor

      Brushless DC™ motor is an electronic controlled innovative pump technology, designed for the most efficient use of natural resources and of your time.

    • Smart controls

      All Blomberg dishwashers are equipped with easy-to-operate fully electronic controls. The logitronic display featured in brushless DC™ motor dishwashers have a dynamic memory that keeps track of the last programme used, and reminds you next time you operate the machine. The LC display will inform you of the remaining time and the stage of the wash cycle, helping you to plan your time more efficiently.

    • Turbo fan drying

      Turbo fan drying is an active ventilation system with increased air circulation. By means of this technology not only does your dishwasher achieve better drying performance but also leaves the dishes cool enough to touch at the end of the drying cycle by the use of a fan.

    • Detergent compatible

      Blomberg dishwashers are compatible with all kinds of liquid, powder and tablet detergents. Regardless of your choice of detergent, your dishwasher will give the same outstanding performance. Furthermore, Blomberg detergent containers are user friendly and have cross opening lids for an easy refill.

    • Special functions

      Blomberg dishwashers feature special functions designed to make life in the kitchen easier. Since your time is valuable, the brushless DC™ motor introduces the fast function, which shortens wash durations by up to 25%. The night option reduces the noise level by 30% so that you can relax in complete silence while your dishes are cleaned. Crystal dry dries glasses brilliantly even at shorter programmes while the ALLin1 function will deliver optimum performance with ALLin1 tablet detergents.

    • Auto wash

      Using an advanced technology, Blomberg's sensor management system automatically monitors the soil level of the dishes and adapts the cycle temperature and time accordingly. Simply select the auto programme and your dishwasher will apply the most suitable wash programme with minimum water and energy consumption for conservation of our environment.

    • Multi level wash

      Blomberg dishwashers use a multi level wash system for immaculately clean dishes. In this system two spray arms, placed in the bottom and the middle of the dishwasher, work in coordination with the showerhead at the top spraying water from every direction to reach even the most remote parts of your dishes.

    • Half load

      Now there's no need to wait for both baskets to be fully loaded to start your dishwasher. The half-load option offers complete load flexibility. No matter where you place your dishes, the half load function will wash them thoroughly optimizing water consumption according to the dish load. The Brushless DC motor™ dishwashers have automatic half load, so your dishwasher automatically adjusts its water intake based on the amount of dishes to preserve natural resources.

    • Salt and rinse aid indicators

      In dishwashers, salt is used to adjust the water hardness level in order to avoid etching marks on delicate glassware. And, for sparkling dishes and glasses, rinse aid puts the finishing touch. All Blomberg dishwashers have salt and rinse aid indicators that will inform you when it is time for a refill.

    • Fingerprint free

      Blomberg dishwasher range features models with fingerprint free clad inox or stainless steel panels for easy cleaning. GTN 9220 E and GLN 9220 E have LED indicators on the front to inform you of the stage of the washing cycle.

    • Mix wash™

      Mix wash™ is a dual water pressure programme available with logitronic dishwashers. By means of this programme, the dishwasher applies a gentle pressure in the upper basket for delicate glass and china wear, while using a 60% higher water pressure in the lower basket for heavily soiled pots and pans during the same wash cycle.

    • Time saving

      Blomberg offers some of the shortest programmes in the market. Super mini 20' is a 20-minute programme for lightly soiled 6 place settings. Mini 30' cleans lightly soiled 12 place settings in 30 minutes. A express 55' and 58' programmes deliver "A" washing performance for 12 place settings in 55 and 58 minutes, respectively. Furthermore, to enable you to clean maximum dish load in one single cycle, Blomberg dishwasher range features 60 cm wide 15-place setting, and unique 45 cm wide 10-place setting models.

    • Inner illumination

      Blomberg dishwashers GTN 9220 E and GLN 9220 E are equipped with interior LED light that is activated with door opening to allow you to see your dishes even in the dark.

    • Flexible upper basket

      Blomberg dishwashers all have a height-adjustable upper basket, which can be raised to make room for pans, platters and baking trays in the bottom basket or lowered to hold tall glasses. Available in some models is smartRACK, which allows you to adjust the basket height in one simple action even when the basket is fully loaded.

    • Removable 3rd basket

      Blomberg logitronic dishwashers feature a third basket to create extra space for your cutlery and espresso cups. What makes this basket special is the fact that it still allows you to place tall stemware on the sides of the upper dishwasher basket. Furthermore, it can be completely and easily removed should you prefer to place tall objects in the middle of the upper basket as well.

    • Special glass holder

      The special glass holder is designed to accommodate all types of tall glasses and long champagne flutes.

    • Height adjustable shelves for mugs

      The upper basket features height adjustable shelves for mugs that can be positioned at two separate levels depending on your needs.

    • Extra knife rack

      An extra knife rack is placed right below the upper basket to optimize space utilization in your dishwasher. Available with certain models, the knife rack provides extra space for your cutlery, and slides in and out easily.

    • Special cutlery baskets

      Special Blomberg cutlery basket designs come in divisible or sliding forms. You can divide your cutlery basket into three sections, so any or all of them can be removed when not required or placed in the upper basket for more flexible loading options. The sliding cutlery basket slides easily along the tilting tines in the lower basket, so you can place it anywhere you like.

    • Practical lower basket

      To maximize space in the lower basket Blomberg dishwashers are equipped with folding tines that are easily folded down for easy placement of large pots and pans. The multipurpose tray can be used to wash extra long utensils or to create extra space for glasses and cups. Finally, the special bottle holder allows you to wash tall bottles and vases and baby bottles.

    • Noise level as low as 39 dBA

      By utilizing three layers of insulation including bituminous material, cotton insulation and full length coated side walls, Blomberg dishwashers are among the quietest in the market. Featuring one of the quietest noise levels in the market with 39 dBA, you won't even notice that your dishwasher is on.

    • Stainless steel tank

      Blomberg dishwashers have stainless steel tubs that not only protect the machines from heat and corrosion, but also sanitize your dishes with the highest wash temperatures available.

    • Key lock

      Blomberg dishwashers feature a key lock to prevent children from changing the programme settings for an uninterrupted wash cycle.

    • Flow through heater

      The heater of your Blomberg dishwasher is concealed to provide a safer and more convenient alternative to the conventional exposed heater. This allows plastic dishware to be placed on both top and bottom baskets without the risk of damage.

    • Antibacterial seal

      Food and dirt particles collected on the bottom of the dishwasher tub leads to bacteria formation creating a health hazard for you and your family. To maximize the hygiene of your dishwasher, Blomberg coated the dishwasher door with an antibacterial seal that eliminates bacteria.

    • Hygiene+

      Approved by the German laboratory LGA, Blomberg dishwashers offer an exclusive programme, hygiene+ 70°C, that kills 99,9% of bacteria to give you greater peace of mind while washing children's feeding bowls.

    • aquAvoid™ plus

      aquAvoid™ plus is an anti-leak system featured in Blomberg dishwashers to protect your home against flooding. In case of leakage, the system automatically shuts off the water supply from the tap in seconds, protecting your furniture from water damage. Certain Blomberg dishwashers are equipped with aquAvoid security system which cuts off the water intake to the machine, in case of leakage from the internal hose.

    • DMFS

      DMFS (double motion float system) is an enhanced anti-leak system designed to provide maximum security against water damage with minimum service cost. It is an intelligent mechanism, available with all Blomberg dishwashers, that detects the source of excess water collection. In this system, there are two float agents. In minor amounts of water collection, the first agent activates the drain pump, and the machine continues to run until the cycle is complete eliminating an unnecessary visit by the serviceman. If there is an operational problem, the second float agent is involved, which alerts the aquAvoid™ plus system to turn off the water supply, and shuts off the machine.

    • ergoLOAD

      Placing the dishwasher 50 cm above ground level will make loading and unloading of dishes easier minimizing the risk of back injury that may result from constant bending and lifting. However, most dishwashers are not suitable for installation above ground level since this creates a risk of dirty water flowing back into the tub. ergoLOAD resolves this problem by means of a column mount application for easy and ergonomic loading.

    • Tall tub

      Blomberg tall tub dishwashers put an end to the hassle of washing big pots and serving plates by hand. Tall tub dishwashers have taller cavities than standard tubs. As a result, you can wash plates with diameters up to 35 cm whereas the standard tub dishwashers allow plates with a maximum diameter of 31 cm. Blomberg dishwasher range includes two tall tub models: GLN 9380 XL and GVN 9380 XL that can be installed in a niche with 86 to 92 cm height giving you more space.

    • smartBALANCE™

      Fully integrated Blomberg dishwashers have a front adjustable hinge system, which helps achieve a perfectly balanced door by adjusting the dishwasher to the weight of your kitchen cabinet door.

    • smartFIX

      By means of smartFIX system, you can fix your dishwasher to all kinds of countertops, be it granite or wood.

    • smartFIT™

      smartFIT™ is a height adjustment mechanism, which allows the rear feet of your dishwasher to be adjusted from the front, facilitating instalment. Your dishwasher's height can be adjusted to as high as 100 mm offering a range between 820 and 920 mm.

    • Mirror dishwasher

      Blomberg dishwasher range offers a unique dishwasher with a black mirror look. With its elegant shiny black surface this dishwasher will be the centre of attention in your kitchen. For a more elegant and harmonious look Blomberg offers matching fridge freezers MDND 1880 and MKND 9860.