• Minimum energy consumption

      While conventional dryers have maximum B energy efficiency, Blomberg’s heat pump and eco heat pump dryers consume 30% less energy than “A” class, and all Blomberg condenser dryers are “B” energy rated.

    • Heat pump technology

      Blomberg dryer range features an innovative dryer with the heat pump technology. By means of this system heat pump dryers consume 30% less energy than “A” class. Furthermore, by maintaining a relatively low temperature and with an advanced drum movement, Blomberg heat pump dryers allow you to dry woollens and silks. Since the laundry’s average temperature is kept around 55°C – almost half the temperature of the air used in conventional air-vented and condenser dryers – heat pump dryers are safer and gentler to your laundry than standard dryers. The cabinet temperature is also much lower allowing better drying efficiency at lower temperatures in similar programme times.

    • Identical look

      Since a wash is not complete until clothes are thoroughly dried, Blomberg offers a range of dryers that are the perfect partners to the washing machines, both aesthetically and ergonomically. The LCD control panels of Blomberg washing machines and dryers are the same for ease of use and harmonious look, and they make laundry care easy by informing you the stage of the drying cycle.

    • Flexible placement

      Blomberg washers and dryers can be stacked on top of each other or installed side by side. The door of heat pump dryers is reversible for easy transfer of laundry when the machines are placed next to each other.

    • Large capacity and door

      Blomberg dryers offer a generous 8 kg capacity enabling you to dry large loads in one cycle. The 39,5 cm large door and 150° wide door opening facilitate the loading of even the bulkiest items.

    • Smart programmes

      Blomberg dryers offer a variety of programmes for different kinds of textiles. In addition to the common programmes for cottons, synthetics, and mixed fabrics, Blomberg offers special programmes for special needs, including silk, sportswear, wool, shirts, viscose, jeans and lingerie.

    • Time saving programmes

      Blomberg has 30 and 35 minute fast programme options. Combined with our mini 14’ washing programme, your clothes will be ready in less than 50 minutes! Furthermore, Blomberg offers 15 and 30-minute programmes for shirts.

    • Easy access to fluff filter

      The fluff filter collects the fluff that is produced when clothes are dried. It is located on the front of the machine allowing easy access. With its wide handle, it is easily removed and cleaned, and its large surface area improves the drying performance of your machine.

    • Anti-crease

      The anti-crease cycle separates and smoothes your laundry after the drying cycle by means of a gentle drum action, so it’s wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

    • Auto cool-down

      At the end of the drying cycle, the heating automatically stops to ensure less creasing of the laundry, and to cool down the machine.

    • Bi-directional drum action

      The bi-directional drum action ensures that your laundry dries evenly.

    • Special drum paddles

      The special drum paddles with their unique form ensure more homogenous drying as well as less creasing. Moreover, you will not be facing any tangling problems especially for bulky items, such as bed sheets.

    • Hygiene 30-90°C

      Approved by the German test industry VDE, Blomberg washing machines offer exclusive hygiene programmes that kill 99,9% of bacteria at wash temperatures as low as 30°C for the total hygiene of your clothes.

    • Sensor drying

      All Blomberg tumble dryers feature a combination of moisture and temperature sensors, which automatically determine when the clothes are dry, preventing damage from over-drying. The moisture sensor ensures that the fabrics are evenly dried and indicates the humidity level, allowing you to reach the right dryness level for different types of fabric, from extra to iron-dry.

    • Easy-to-reach condenser

      Blomberg’s new condenser cover provides easy access to the condenser for increased ergonomics and ease of use.

    • Interior drum light

      All Blomberg tumble dryers are equipped with an interior light, so even the smallest items of laundry won’t be left inside.

    • Child lock

      All Blomberg tumble dryers are equipped with an interior light, so even the smallest items of laundry won’t be left inside.

    • Warning indicators

      Blomberg dryers have a series of warning indicators. The clean filter indicator will remind you when the time for cleaning comes. Water tank full indicator will be on when the container needs to be emptied. Your dryer will also remind you when it is time to clean the condenser. The end of cycle buzzer will warn you when the programme ends. You have the option of stopping the buzzer by pressing the buzzer button.

    • Easy service

      Blomberg dryers provide quick access to the dryer motor for easy service. The service assistant can reach the motor only by dismantling the right side wall.