• Uniformity

      Blomberg built-in family has a uniform design to give your kitchen the harmonious look that you've always wanted. The sharp edges, straight lines and smooth surfaces of Blomberg ovens are echoed in its hoods. At the same time, the timeless design elements allow our hoods to blend in all kitchens.

    • Variety

      Blomberg hood range includes a variety of models in various sizes and types: island, wall-mounted, telescopic, canopy or standard. This wide range is sure to include a model that will answer your needs.

    • Flexible installation

      All Blomberg hoods can be installed either in ducted or re-circulated systems giving you the freedom of choice.

    • Effective insulation

      To give you the flexibility to cook anytime of the day, Blomberg hoods are manufactured with extra insulation and silent motors for as quiet an operation as possible.

    • Easy to control

      Blomberg hoods have electronic controls for easy operation. The range features touch-sensitive or sliding controls and traditional soft touch buttons. We even have models that can be operated via remote control for maximum comfort.

    • Easy to clean

      Grease and dirt particles collected by the filters accumulate overtime leading to a loss of efficiency, if not cleaned when necessary. The filter saturation light featured in Blomberg hoods will warn you via LED indicators when it is time for cleaning. And, for effortless cleaning Blomberg hoods are equipped with dishwasher-safe cassette filters or replaceable charcoal filters.

    • Constant air cleaning

      For permanent clean air in your kitchen, Blomberg introduces the clean air function. When this function is on, your hood cleans the air for 10 minutes every hour. It operates at minimum speed with minimum energy consumption and noise. During the 24-hour clean air function the hood operates one whole day, ventilating the air 3 or 4 times an hour, again with maximum energy efficiency and silence. By means of these functions, your hood will eliminate even cigarette smoke, and you will enjoy constant fresh air inside your kitchen.

    • Sensor control

      The sensors featured in certain Blomberg hoods detect the steam amount in the kitchen and automatically adjust the extraction power for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, they will adjust the light tone, increasing it when you are standing by for your safety and comfort; and dimming it when you move away for energy conservation.

    • Efficient lighting

      All Blomberg hoods have efficient lighting to allow you maximum visibility and safety. Most models have the more energy-efficient halogen lamps as standard. And, certain models offer three different levels of lighting: A dim tone for setting the mood or spot intensity for clear visibility even when your kitchen is dark.

    • Booster

      The booster function is ideal for eliminating intense odours and steam, which are usually created during frying or grilling. This is an intensive extraction mode, where the motors operate at full power. Since it is only necessary for a short period of time, the hood automatically goes back to the highest speed after 10 minutes of intensive operation.

    • Auto shut down

      The auto shut down function will allow your hood to operate for 15 or 30 minutes longer (depending on the model) after you switch it off; so you can return to a fresher kitchen.