• "A" energy performance

      All Blomberg electric ovens have "A" energy efficiency, saving you money on electric bills.

    • Energy efficient functions

      For increased energy savings, Blomberg ovens feature special economic cooking functions. Eco fan cooking extends the cooking duration by 10-15 minutes reducing energy consumption by 28% in comparison to "A" rating limits. Eco-Pyro Clean is a 90-minute self-cleaning cycle for 25% energy saving. It is suitable for cleaning lightly soiled oven cavities.

    • SURF Surround flow cooking technology

      In SURF system, hot air is blown through ventilation holes located on the sides of the cavity into the centre. This air circulation method results in more homogenous air distribution. Consequently, food is cooked more evenly, and as juicy on the front as is in the back. Furthermore, since air moves in circles on each level, SURF allows you to cook three different meals at the same time, without mixing their flavours or aromas. And when you're done cooking, you can easily remove the side racks and walls by hand for quick and effortless cleaning.

    • 43 dBA noise level

      To help you unwind after a long day and enjoy a silent night, Blomberg has minimized the noise level of ovens to as low as 43 dBA.

    • Wide assortment

      The new Blomberg oven range comes in a variety of colours including stainless steel, black and white. Our premium Glassy Line models have elegant glass control panels. The glass panel of stainless steel and black models is a sophisticated black colour, and that of white models is a matching pure white. Pure Line ovens have modern stainless steel panel and door frames. Solid Line models stand out with their wide glass doors accentuated by a stainless steel base.

    • Practical controls

      Blomberg ovens feature a variety of control systems, from the latest touch-sensitive technology to simpler mechanical timers. All controls are located in the centre of the panel for a symmetrical look, and ease of use. The dials have a stainless steel look, in line with the oven handle. The same knob design is used in our compact and hob range to create a harmonious look in your kitchen. For a perfectly smooth look Blomberg ovens also feature the push-pop-out knob option.

    • Electronic timer

      Blomberg electronic timer can be touch-sensitive, easy to operate with the slightest touch of your finger, or knob controlled with practical rotary knobs. The electronic display is simple to operate, and recommends the most suitable cooking rack level based on the preferred cooking function. For improved cooking performance, the oven allows sensitive temperature adjustment in 5°C increments between 40 and 280°C. Furthermore, the delay timer option allows efficient time management.

    • Digital timer

      Blomberg digital timers feature practical and clever solutions for efficient and fun cooking. The light of the display panel can be adjusted in 3 different shades: a dim light for night time; brighter light during cooking and a bright light to allow easy programme settings. Also, the timer signal can be set at 3 separate tones from a quiet tone that won't disturb a sleeping household to a loud one that can be heard over a cheery conversation. Another clever feature is the relatively bigger and more visible symbols on the display, which facilitate reading and controlling. The delay timer option is designed to help you manage your time efficiently.

    • Side-opening door

      For maximum flexibility, Blomberg built-in ovens feature side-opening and drop-down doors. The side-opening door allows thorough and easy reach to the oven cavity with a 170° opening. The range includes right and left-opening models to suit all kitchen settings or for side-by-side positioning.

    • Drop-down door

      The traditional drop-down door is available for built-in and built-under models. All models have full glass doors (4-level in pyrolytic ovens) for easy cleaning, and they can carry up to 22,5 kg should you need to place a tray on. Telescopic racks provide easy access to cooking trays. In addition, the new design hinge system provides easy door opening and dismantling, and contributes to the stylish oven look with its decorative design.

    • Robust handle

      All Blomberg ovens feature the robust, elegantly straight Blomberg handle. The handle is made of stainless steel, creating a modern stylish look, and complementing the stainless steel control knobs. The same handle is used in our compact and dishwasher range to create a harmonious look in your kitchen.

    • Wide glass window

      The door of all Blomberg ovens is designed with a centred, wide, transparent glass window to allow you to see the oven interior without having to open its door, avoiding heat and energy loss during the cooking cycle.

    • Stylish details

      By concealing the top heater, Blomberg has not only maximized the cooking space but also gave it a smooth elegant look. The special Easy Clean grey enamel coating is another stylish design element featured in certain Blomberg ovens.

    • Telescopic racks

      Certain Blomberg ovens are equipped with pull-out shelf systems, which allow safe and easy access to the cooking tray. Your safety is also guaranteed by an integrated safety stop mechanism.

    • Interior lighting

      To allow you thorough and easy observation of the cavity, Blomberg ovens feature interior lighting with cylindrical or square lamps placed either on the rear wall or on side walls. Grey-coloured cavity surface reduces reflection on the glass doors. Halogen lamps, available with certain models, provide more energy-efficient and brighter white lighting. In specific models, the oven light is automatically activated when the door is opened for immediate visibility.

    • Recommended shelf level

      The electronic timer of your Blomberg oven will indicate the recommended shelf level based on the cooking function you choose. To make cooking all the more easy, the level of each shelf is indicated with a visible number from 1 to 5 in all Blomberg ovens

    • Large cavity

      We have expanded our cavities by up to 20% to maximize the joy of cooking and dining. Blomberg ovens have one of the largest cavities in the market with 67,5 and 65-litres for conventional and multifunction ovens, respectively, and they come with bigger sized trays. You no longer have to worry about fitting the Christmas turkey in your oven or the tray. And, you can cook a whole meal of 3 separate courses all at once using any 3 of our 5-level shelves.

    • Booster function

      The booster function has been designed to save you time. In this setting, all heating elements are activated at the same time for quick pre-heating, and the oven is heated 35% faster in comparison to standard functions. Once the desired temperature is reached, the oven will automatically switch back to the preset cooking mode.

    • Pyro Clean

      Pyro Clean is the latest cleaning technology where the oven cleans itself with one touch of your finger. During the pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle, the heat within the oven cavity is boosted to an intense 480°C turning stains and burns into dust. Then, all you need to do is to wipe away the leftovers with a damp cloth. Blomberg ovens feature a 120-minute Pyro Clean cycle for heavily soiled cavities, and a 90-minute Eco-Pyro Clean cycle for more economic cleaning of lightly soiled ovens.

    • Odour filter

      All Blomberg pyrolytic ovens have a filter, which eliminates the toxic CO gas exhausted from burned greasy particles. Available with Blomberg pyrolytic oven BEO 9790 X is a special odour filter built in to the ventilation unit. The special catalyst warmer placed inside the filter absorbs and destroys bad odours and grease during cooking to ensure that only fresh air circulates inside your kitchen.

    • Full glass door

      All Blomberg ovens feature full glass doors. All models have easily removable doors for a thorough wipe of the door itself or to allow easy access to the oven cavity. In certain models the glass window is also removable to allow you to clean the glass separately.

    • Easy-to-remove side racks and foldable grill

      Certain Blomberg ovens are equipped with easy hand removable wire racks and a foldable grill, which provide effortless access to the cavity ceiling and the oven sidewalls, enabling complete cavity cleaning with minimal effort.

    • Smooth cavity

      With no visible screws or connection points, the surface of the Blomberg oven cavity is smoother than ever. The smooth surface eliminates the risk of food and dirt particle collection, hence, facilitating cleaning.

    • Easy Clean enamel

      Certain Blomberg oven cavities are coated with Easy Clean, exclusive, non-porous, grey enamel. This long lasting finish gives an elegant look and allows easy, quick and ecologic cleaning of the oven cavity and trays.

    • Catalytic panel

      The catalytic panel mounted on the back of the oven cavity absorbs cooking grease and reduces food odours, ending the need for aggressive cleaning materials and harsh chemicals.

    • Fingerprint free stainless steel

      A selection of stainless steel models in the range have fingerprint free panel and doors, so you won't have to worry about leaving behind a mark.

    • Cool door

      Safety is a fundamental factor for all Blomberg appliances. That is why all Blomberg ovens have full glass inner doors that minimize the exterior temperature of the oven. Our pyrolytic ovens feature a cool door with four layers of glass designed to minimize external heat and provide safety. Even during the intense pyrolytic cycle, when the heat inside the cavity reaches 480°C, the temperature of the double-twin door does not exceed 70°C for a safe touch.

    • Safety locks

      For maximum safety during the pyrolytic cycle pyro lock automatically locks the oven door, and releases it when the cavity temperature goes back to a safe level. For an uninterrupted cooking cycle, Blomberg electronic ovens have a key lock, which allows you to lock the timer settings to prevent children from changing the preset functions. Blomberg also presents an optional child lock accessory to prevent children from opening the oven door while it is in operation.

    • Auto shut-down

      Your Blomberg electronic oven will automatically shut itself down after 6 hours of operation (except during warm keeping and defrost functions). You no longer need to ask yourself if you've remembered to turn off the oven before leaving home.

    • Hidden top heater

      The top heater in Blomberg ovens is hidden eliminating the risk of self injury while reaching the top shelf. In addition, it minimizes the temperature of the oven handle and knobs for a safe touch.