• Minimum energy consumption

      Every Blomberg washing machine achieves A washing performance and consumes less energy than “A” class standards. Certain 8 kg washing machines consume 30% or 20% less energy than “A” class machines (depending on the model). The rest of the range all consumes 10% less energy than an “A” class washing machine. Blomberg also offers energy-efficient wash programmes. Available with certain models is Active 40°, a special programme for cottons that consumes 30% less energy than standard programmes.

    • Automatic water adjustment system

      All Blomberg washing machines are equipped with the automatic water adjustment system, which enables your machine to adjust its water intake based on the amount of the laundry for conservation of water resources.

    • smarTwash automatic programme

      smarTwash is a full automatic programme that is available with Blomberg’s 8 kg washing machines with text LCD control panel. These machines have special sensors that detect the load amount and the textile type. By means of these sensors, the machine automatically adjusts the optimum water temperature, sets the duration of the wash programme, and decides the number of rinses and the spin speed. All you have to do is to set the soil level of your clothes and leave the rest to the smartest wash programme.

    • Night mode

      For increased energy saving and total peace and quiet in your home, Blomberg introduces the night mode. In this setting, the washing machine extends the washing duration and omits the spin cycle, so you can get a good night’s sleep while your clothes are cleaned. And when you wake up, you can set the spin cycle yourself.

    • Mini 14’

      Mini 14’ programme will clean a 2 kg load of lightly soiled clothes in only 14 minutes.

    • Smart controls

      All Blomberg washing machines have ergonomically positioned control panels, and fully electronic controls and intelligent programmes operated via a single dial, for simple programme selection. Washing with an LCD controlled machine makes laundry care easy; just press “start” and go. The machine helps you by suggesting the correct temperature and spin speed according to the selected programme and you can either accept the suggestion or choose your own settings.

    • Large drum capacity

      8 kg Blomberg washing machines have a generous 64-litre drum capacity enabling you to wash large loads and bulky items like comforters. For the best washing conditions and energy performance, your washing machine will also automatically adjust itself according to the load size. The automatic water adjustment system calculates the volume of your laundry and measures exactly how much water to use, so not a drop is wasted, and you can wash a small load as economically as a large one.

    • Space saving solution

      For households with limited space, Blomberg offers the new slim line washing machines with 5 and 6 kg options. Despite their large capacity, these machines have shorter depths to occupy as little space as possible. By increasing the diameter of the drum, Blomberg technicians managed to enlarge the capacity of the machine without increasing its total volume.

    • Smart programmes

      Blomberg washing machines offer a variety of wash programmes for different kinds of textiles. In addition to the common programmes for cottons, synthetics, and mixed fabrics, Blomberg offers special programmes for special needs, including bedding, lingerie, viscose, hand wash, shirts, dark wash, wool, sportswear and jeans.

    • Large porthole

      To make the loading and unloading of bulky items easy, all Blomberg 7 and 8 kg washing machines have 34 cm extra large doors that have a 165° opening.

    • Aquaround™ plus

      Blomberg's premium models feature a special water recirculation system. Aquaround™ plus system sprays the water in the tub onto the laundry from the top by means of a separate pump to minimize detergent loss. Aquaround direct water jet system provides direct connection into the drum from the detergent drawer. This system provides better soaking of clothes for better cleaning.

    • Durable heater

      Certain Blomberg washing machines are equipped with a special nickel-coated heater. This heater is hundred times more durable than regular heaters. Thus, it prolongs the life time of your washing machine. The heater also eliminates the need for scaling arising from hard water, and consequently saves you energy and time while heating the water.

    • Fresh freeze zone

      Blomberg developed an advanced freezing technology that freezes food at such an optimum rate that its cell structure does not deteriorate, and the nutrition value and flavours are preserved. As a consequence, when you defrost a piece of meat that has been frozen in the fresh freeze zone, it does not release its juice, and you can enjoy a fresher, tastier and healthier meal.

    • aquAvoid plus

      aquAvoid plus is an anti-leak system designed to protect your home against flooding. In case of leakage, the system automatically shuts off the water supply from the tap in seconds, protecting your furniture from water damage. Certain Blomberg washing machines are equipped with aquAvoid security system, which cuts off the water intake to the machine, in case of leakage from the internal hose.

    • Warning indicators

      For maximum security Blomberg washing machines have a child-resistant control panel. Once the child lock is activated, any alteration to the selected settings is ignored, so little fingers can't upset your wash. Also you will be warned by your washing machine if you have forgotten to turn on the tap.

    • Hygiene 30-90°C

      Approved by the German test industry VDE, Blomberg washing machines offer exclusive hygiene programmes that kill 99,9% of bacteria at wash temperatures as low as 30°C for the total hygiene of your clothes.

    • Supple-open™

      The drum of Blomberg top loader appliances has a convenient release button on the top to allow for an easy opening. With a simple push on the button, the drum automatically opens.

    • Comforstop™

      When the washing is complete, the drum of Blomberg top loaders always stops in the right position so that the release button is on the top, and the drum has direct access to the filter through the back of the tank.

    • Drip dry

      For very delicate laundry Blomberg top loaders introduce a 100 rpm spin cycle option. Drip dry removes just enough water to avoid dripping, making the care of extra sensitive garments easier.